The Penetrator Flash Suppressor

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The Penetrator

"The Penetrator" flash hider/suppressor. Machined from 4140 steel and then hardened, The Penetrator aside from the obvious flash suppressing feature and giving your rifle the 'Bad Ass' appearance, multi-functions include breaching, wire cutting and as a last line of defense, a bayonet. Heck, even a bottle opener!

Each Flash Hider/Suppressor Comes with a crush washer. Available for AR15, AR10 and AK47.

Threads available: 1/2-28 5.56/.223 and  5/8-24 7.62/.308

For more information or to order, please call 630-655-088 ext. 2255 or Email Certain restrictions apply.

The Penetrator will come with a red cap.  The cap is used to protect The Penetrator from damaging things such as tearing your gun bag, or damage to your auto interior or inadvertently puncturing something when your rifle is not in use. The cap comes free with your purchase of The Penetrator.

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Quality - Service - Delivery

Since 1939

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